Junkers heat pumps spare parts

All our spare parts for Junkers heat pumps are original from Bosch Thermotechnology. By using original spare parts from Junkers you give your heat pump a longer life time. 

JS Energi are the largest supplier of spare parts for heat pumps like Junkers and Bosch in europe and we ship Junkers Spare Parts all over europe. 

At the moment we are building our online catalogue of Junkers Spare Parts and we have access to a wide range of spare parts for Junkers heat pumps. If you can't find the right spare part for your Junkers heat pump, don't hesitate to contact us on email or use our chat in the lower right corner. If you have your Junkers serial number available when contacting us, it will be easier for us to find the right spare part for your Junkers heat pump. 


  1. Display for Junkers TE and Junkers TM heat pumps

    Display for Junkers TE heat pumps
    1 751:- inkl. moms 1 401:- ekskl. moms Køb
  2. Hetgasgivare NTC IVT 1000 mm 120C

    Hot gas sensor NTC 1000mm 120C for most Worcester heat pumps
    549:- inkl. moms 439:- ekskl. moms Køb
  3. Junkers thermostat/sensor, room temperature controller CANbus

    Junkers room temperature controller CANbus. LED incl. Buzzer.
    563:- inkl. moms 450:- ekskl. moms Køb
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